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Legal Assistance Resources For Consumers

The State Bar of Michigan is pleased to offer information to help guide you to resources best suited to help with your legal needs. Use this website to link to helpful legal information and to find a lawyer to assist you with your legal matter.

Legal representation may simplify matters and help you reach a solution in an efficient and effective manner. Include this website in your favorites for easy access as you consider your legal options.

Under the law, all adults have the right to represent themselves. When acting on your own behalf, you are unrepresented, so you are called "pro se” or “self-represented.” You should be aware that it is often difficult to represent yourself. If not advised by an attorney having the depth of knowledge and experience in handling your specific type of legal matter, you may unknowingly jeopardize important legal rights.

When representing yourself, you should avoid non-lawyers who offer assistance in drafting legal documents or standardized forms for a fee. The State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) has free, state-approved standardized court forms available online. The SCAO website also has information about mediation and dispute resolution options that may help you avoid going to court. For more information on self help visit our self-help resources page.

A Practical Guide to Hiring A Lawyer.

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Lawyer Referral Service

The State Bar of Michigan Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) will match you with a lawyer best suited to assist you with your legal needs. While the LRS cannot answer legal questions or give legal advice, our specially trained referral assistants will search our database of participating panel members to try to find an attorney for you based on your legal needs. The $25 administrative fee will be waived for tenants with urgent housing problems, Social Security claimants, workers’ compensation claimants, and personal injury plaintiffs. All of our participating attorneys are active and in good standing with the State Bar, do not have any current disciplinary proceedings pending, and maintain malpractice insurance. 

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Lawyer Referral Service

Self-Help Resources

Links to resources and information for persons who want to represent themselves or learn more about the law and courts. Self-help information is not legal advice. To fully understand and protect your legal rights, you should consult with an attorney.

Self-Guided Lawyer Selection

The State Bar of Michigan’s free online directory lets you search for lawyers accepting clients by practice area and geographic location. When reviewing the search results, you will be able to compare and evaluate the information lawyers have provided about themselves.

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Legal Aid Resources

If you cannot afford to hire an attorney and qualify for legal aid, information on this website will help you find the legal aid office nearest your home.

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Legal Aid Resources

Legal Information

General legal information on a variety of topics provided by Michigan lawyers as a public service. It is not legal advice nor is it a substitute for legal services provided by an attorney. The information provided is not an exhaustive resource. As changes frequently occur in the law, self-represented persons may wish to do additional research or use the State Bar’s free online directory to schedule a consultation with a lawyer.

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