Finding Blog Topics the Easy Way

Finding Blog Topics the Easy Way

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Lance Lawyer sat staring at his blank computer screen.

"Can't think of anything to write?" said his sister Linda standing in the doorway.

Lance jumped. "No. Help."

Fortunately for Lance, Linda had recently been asked an elder law question he could use as the basis for a topic.

But, what about next week?

Bloggers, like Lance, have to regularly search for topics to keep readers. It's important in your search for topics to understand who your target reader is and what they want to know. Ask yourself: What are the most common questions you get from clients? Make a list of the answers to these questions and you'll be on your way to seeing potential topics.

There are other ways to find topics for your blog:

  • Ask your clients for topics.
  • Use analytics to see which of your blogs does best.
  • Look at the news, such as that provided by your State Bar or a hot topic case, and add your expert information.
  • Interview someone—one of your partners, a staff person, or a judge.
  • Create a list of something such as estate documents, marital assets, etc.
  • Create a regular series such as "Ask the Lawyer." Answer a commonly asked question about once a month.
  • Add behind the scenes photos or video of your office and staff.
  • Expand on your latest speech, reworking it into one or two blog posts.
  • Have a guest blogger—perhaps in a complimentary practice area.
  • Update an old post.
  • Write a glossary of legal terms—such as res ipsa loquitor, quo warranto, or the more common terms used in your practice area.
  • Write seasonal content—a family law attorney could post tips on holiday parenting time, or a personal injury attorney could give tips on driving in the snow.

Everywhere you look there are sources for blog topics. Keep listening, reading, and learning in your practice area and you'll never run out of ideas. Keep track of possible topics on your phone or a small notebook and you'll have a constant supply of new content. And don't forget to post a link to your blog on your SBM Member Directory profile!

Roberta GubbinsRoberta Gubbins has served as the editor of the Ingham County Legal News. Since leaving the paper, she provides services as a ghostwriter editing articles, blogs, and e-blasts for lawyers and law firms. She is the editor of Briefs, the Ingham County Bar Association e-newsletter, and The Mentor, SBM Master Lawyers Section newsletter.

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