How to Write a Winning Lawyer Profile

How to Write a Winning Lawyer Profile

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How to Write a Winning Lawyer Profile

The second most-visited page on your website is your profile page. Readers rarely start there, but they will click on your bio at some point during their search. The legal profession is a service industry, so clients are more concerned about who they're working with rather than the brand of the firm. This also holds true for your profile page in the SBM Member Directory—if potential clients find your name, it's likely they will want to look at your profile.

Your profile is not a resume or CV, nor is it a laundry list of your accomplishments. The best way to include that information is to upload a PDF to your website with a link to it on your profile page. You can add as much information as you'd like using the edit profile feature of the SBM online directory. Your profile should introduce readers to who you are and why they should contact you.

Consider breaking with traditional patterns to make your profile more relevant, revealing, and engaging. Show present and future clients why they should want to meet you and that you're worth their time and money, and show yourself that it's possible to be both professional and personal in your profile.

The Seven Elements to Consider:

  • Your name and the type of law. Start with a statement introducing yourself and the nature of your practice.
  • A professional headshot.  Prospective clients want to see who they will be working with. A professional photo is a must—no selfies or photos with your pets.
  • Add a video. Video engages viewers, can boost your rankings on Google, helps create trust in your firm, and brings in more clients. Video content can include an introduction to your firm, testimonials from clients, or frequently asked questions.
  • A summary of what you do for clients. Explain what it is like to meet with you and how you approach your practice.
  • Explain why you practice law. What interests you about the law and energizes you is information future clients like to know.
  • List relevant accomplishments or civic contributions. Consumers like to see lawyers who are involved in the community. Your list of awards shouldn't be extensive, but those relating to your practice should be included.
  • Add bits of personal information. Remember, you are more than an attorney. Write about your hobbies or what you do wiht your family. A video or photo of you away from your job can go a long way to making clients feel more comfortable with you.

Include your contact information, and make it easy for clients to reach you through the online scheduling feature available on the directory. It allows clients to request an in-person or phone appointment with you in just a few clicks.

Finally, bring your personality into the profile. If you are formal or informal, your profile should reflect that. Clients often select an attorney with whom they feel a personal connection. Encourage those connections by showing who you are and why you do what you do.

Roberta GubbinsRoberta Gubbins has served as the editor of the Ingham County Legal News. Since leaving the paper, she provides services as a ghostwriter editing articles, blogs, and e-blasts for lawyers and law firms. She is the editor of Briefs, the Ingham County Bar Association e-newsletter, and The Mentor, SBM Master Lawyers Section newsletter.

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