All the Ways A Lawyer Helps

Volunteer Attorneys Can Make a Big Difference

Lakeshore Legal Aid often turns to the private bar for assistance in many legal areas, including driver’s license restoration.  Volunteer attorney John O’Neill has been particularly valuable to Lakeshore’s efforts to provide such services.  One especially memorable case involves a client who came to Lakeshore with a suspended driver’s license.  She had a chronic medical condition and, without a driver’s license, had great difficulty getting to her doctors’ appointments.  The outstanding fines from the district court were beyond her means—and she hoped an attorney would help her resolve this matter. Attorney O’Neill volunteered to take the case, immediately filing a motion and procuring a hearing date, and then getting the client’s license reinstated.  Two weeks later, the client called Lakeshore to report that she had her driver’s license.  She was most appreciative.  One hearing for the attorney—a lifetime of relief for the client.