All the Ways A Lawyer Helps

Bob Treat–Trailblazer & Valuable Volunteer

Robert (Bob) Treat is widely known as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable QDRO experts in Michigan and beyond. Leveraging his QDRO expertise and commitment to access to justice, Bob was a cofounder of SBM’s QDRO Pro Bono Program more than 20 years ago. Bob’s commitment to the QDRO Program’s success remains just as strong today. Since cofounding the QDRO Program, Bob has not only led the program’s administration group but has also been an active member of its pro bono attorney panel, drafting well over 200 QDROs for low-income Michiganders.

For many years, Bob has been trailblazing a path for increased access to justice for all.  Bob’s exemplary pro bono efforts and unwavering commitment to increased access to justice for all Michiganders has truly made him a trailblazer for justice. A few years ago, Bob was recognized for his exemplary pro bono service and was awarded the prestigious John W. Cummiskey Pro Bono Award, made yearly to a Michigan lawyer who has made a significant pro bono contribution.

Jennifer Williams and Robert Mathis contributed to this story.