Below are comments from people who have received assistance from the Client Protection Fund (Fund). The Fund does not promise the same or similar outcomes. For more information, please review Frequently Asked Questions.

Dear State Bar of Michigan Client Protection Fund:

Just wanted to thank you all personally for all that you do and have done for me. I never lost my faith in you, even when people told me I'd never get my money back. I do know that this procedure is very time consuming and with patience it all works out. So to each and every last person that plays a role at the State Bar of Michigan, thank you all respectfully. To sum it all up I'd like to extend a very big THANK YOU to the Fund administrator for your excellent human relations skills at all times. Even when I was annoying with my calls you were still very nice and professional.

Keep up the good work! There are lots of people who appreciate you all at the State Bar of Michigan!


Dear Administrator:

I want to express my greatest appreciation for our check for $25,000 from the Client Protection Fund. At our ages, 77 and 74, a hemorrhage of $150,000 from our savings has been a bit devastating. Your contribution of this amount has certainly eased our retirement woes.

My confidence in the legal profession was never jeopardized, as my own father was a fine and respected attorney in Iowa for over 60 years. We were just unfortunate to have picked a bad apple from the barrel. Your protection plan is a wonderful thing for us. Many thanks.



Thank you for your assistance, diligence, and kindness in the pursuit and resolution of my endeavor. All of your hard work is appreciated


Dear Administrator:

I received the check and appreciate the Client Protection Fund sending it to me. I chose to return the money to all those who donated money to help my sister. It was a long frustrating process and I'm glad it's finally over because I was determined to keep my word to these people that gave generously from the heart to help someone in need . . . I'll just chalk this up to a bad experience. I have learned from the Attorney Grievance Commission to look online under Disciplined Attorneys to see if yours might be there when choosing someone to represent you.

Again, gratitude to you and the Client Protection Fund for what you do and being there to restore our faith in the legal profession.


Dear Administrator:

Thank you very much for resolving this matter. I had given up hope of a good outcome. Again, I thank the State Bar of Michigan Client Protection Fund. I can have faith in the system.



Thank you, and the State Bar of Michigan Client Protection Fund. I received the check in the amount of $1,000. I am grateful for the investigation and review that was done on this case.