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  • In Memoriam

    Michele J. Abbruzzese
    Moises J Bermudez
    Jerrold M. Bigelman
    Gerald W. Blanchard
    John M. Chase Jr.
    Robert M. Chimovitz
    James M. Leibenguth
    Dennis William Mack
    Thomas J. Sheen
    John W. Stanowski

  • News and Moves

    Kenton Bednarz
    Colby Boman
    Daniel G. Bonucchi
    Katherine G. Boothroyd
    Ashley G. Chrysler
    Juliette Collins
    Abigail Coté
    Brandon Cross
    Joseph A. Golden
    Maxwell Goss
    DeAndre’ Harris
    Danica Hosaka
    Alan F. Jurcak
    Charles C. Kadado
    William Kraus
    Mark Lezotte
    Kyle J. Quinn
    Adam T. Ratliff
    Christian D. Rhoades
    Timothy F. Sheridan
    Randy Shoemaker
    James Stevens Jr.
    Amber M. Underhill
    Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
    Carly A. Zagaroli
    Mark Zuccaro


Providing summaries of opinions as they are released from the Michigan Supreme Court, Michigan Court of Appeals (published & unpublished), and selected U.S. Sixth Circuit. Over 50,000 cases summarized to date.

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