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New Cognitive Bias Essentials Webinar

Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Time: Noon–2:00 p.m.
Cost: Free
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Renowned neuroscientist Dr. Itiel Dror will present a complimentary webinar, Cognitive Bias Essentials—The Use and Abuse of Expert Evidence, at noon on March 26. The webinar is part of a Crime Scene to Courtroom Forensics Training series, funded by the United States Department of Justice.

Dr. Dror’s academic work focuses on theoretical issues underlying human performance and cognition. He has published several academic journal articles with Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget McCormack, including “A Requiem for the National Commission on Forensic Science,” in the International Society of Barristers Quarterly and “Cognitive Bias and its Impact on Expert Witnesses and the Court,” in Judges’ Journal.

“Dr. Dror is a leading international expert on cognitive bias and his presentations not only detail the problem but also tell us how to address it; I have learned so much from him and am very excited that this opportunity is available to our lawyers," said Chief Justice McCormack.

In the webinar, Dr. Dror will discuss how evidence is perceived, interpreted, and evaluated by experts and presented in court; how to advise and manage experts so that their decisions may be more evidence-based and less biased; how to persuasively demonstrate the pitfalls and errors that can occur in expert judgment and evidence; how to use best practices to mitigate biased decisions from your own experts; and how to expose impartiality in expert witnesses used by opposing counsel.

The webinar is free to attend, but registration is required. Continuing Legal Education credits are available to those who need them.

Gregory P. Conyers
Director of Diversity
State Bar of Michigan