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Law Students' Assistance Service

Law Students' Assistance Service is offered by the Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program. Like the LJAP, the LSAS is staffed by experienced clinicians who wish to support your success. Contact with the LSAS is confidential. The LSAS staff can be reached by telephone or e-mail, and appointments may be scheduled in the LJAP office in Lansing or near your law school campus. The LSAS wants to support the success of all students and is well-suited to help those individuals who are worried that their history of mental health or substance abuse-related incidents may be of concern to the State Bar Standing Committee on Character and Fitness. There is no charge for e-mail/telephone consultations, short-term counseling and/or referral, or public-speaking engagements.


The LJAP offers the resources I needed to make sure that whatever issues I had were addressed in an appropriate, professional, and efficient manner. The program allows enough flexibility for a busy law student to live his or her life, while concentrating on an individual basis in addressing the student's needs and problems.
—Ave Maria Law School Student

I learned about LJAP during my Professional Responsibility course at MSU College of Law. I was fortunate enough to have already realized that I had a problem with alcohol that, if left untreated, would interfere with my hopes and dreams of becoming an attorney. I knew that I had to change my thinking in order to change my behavior. Truthfully, I had no idea how Character and Fitness would react to my past, but rather than focus on my past, I decided to concentrate on the present. LJAP provided me a framework for my recovery and put me in touch with people who were willing and able to help. The Program is perfect for members of the legal community who are struggling with addiction and substance abuse, lawyers and law students who aren't sure whether or not their behavior rises to the level of addiction, and students who are concerned that their past will come back to haunt them during the bar admissions process.

I strongly encourage anyone with any of these (and other) concerns to give LJAP a call. The staff is very caring and extremely dedicated to helping those who are serious about helping themselves.
—MSU College of Law Student

During the course of my undergraduate and graduate educational experience, I managed to have run-ins with the law on three separate occasions. Two of those occasions while attending law school. Although all minor misdemeanors, the pattern of behavior and its relationship to alcohol raised a red flag with the Character & Fitness Committee. Resultantly, the Character & Fitness process was not smooth sailing.

While the Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program has given me the guidance to navigate through the State Bar Character & Fitness process, more importantly it has given me the tools to combat my pattern of alcohol abuse and maintain a behavior necessary to be successful in life. The administrators of the program were also confidential. With that said, I would recommend the program for any student who anticipates difficulties with the Character & Fitness process and a desire to make a positive lifestyle change.
—MSU College of Law Student

I was nervous about calling the number that was given to me at my law school's orientation. The Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program—what if they turn me away at the door, or sneer when I inform them that I am a first-year law student struggling with anxiety? Eventually I brushed those fears aside and got up the never to dial the number. The woman I spoke with was very professional and warm. I immediately was put at ease with she agreed to meet me right away—no hidden prerequisite, no long-term commitment. We agreed to meet and take it one week at a time. After a few meetings I realized I did not want to stop our appointments. Law school was a tremendous transition. It was fabulous, exciting, intimidating, and frightening all at the same time. Along with this change came all sorts of realizations in other areas of my life. These meetings gave me time away from the books to examine both my feelings about school and other issues that were important to me. It was the best decision I made the first year, and I believe many other students will benefit from the Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program.
—Cooley Law Student

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