Professional Education & Events Committee


Provide assistance developing educational events for State Bar members that include, but are not limited to, the Bar Leadership Forum, Upper Michigan Legal Institute, and the Annual Meeting.

Assist in improving access to legal information for members through resources at libraries and legal publications, and methods of conducting legal research.

Provide guidance to the Practice Management Resource Center (PMRC) in the development, maintenance, and evaluation of resources, programs, and services designed to help members build and strengthen their law practices, with particular emphasis on the use of online resources as the primary vehicle to market and disseminate PMRC services.

Supporting mentorship opportunities by helping design, develop, and evaluate mentorship programs.

Notes: This committee may have more than 15 members. The president, president-elect, and RA vice chair are to be members of this committee. Planning for UMLI should include one quarter Upper Michigan attorneys. This committee may include non-State Bar members. Implement the Strategic Plan though workgroups including PMRC, Technology Help, Large Meetings Review & Design, Print Publications, Media Relations, and Mentorship.

2017-2018 Committee List

Annual Reports