Professional Education & Events Committee


Support the professional education services of the State Bar of Michigan:

  • Making recommendations on and assisting in the development of budgeted educational events for State Bar members events such as the Bar Leadership Forum, Upper Michigan Legal Institute, and the Annual Meeting.
  • Assessing the quality and relevance of SBM professional education services and their coordination and collaboration with ICLE and local bar education programming, and suggest and support any other desirable collaboration.
  • Making recommendations on improving access to legal information for members through traditional and emerging methods of conducting legal research, including SBM-endorsed research programs, legal publications, print and online digital libraries.
  • Providing guidance to the Practice Management Resource Center (PMRC) on the development, maintenance, and evaluation of resources, programs, and services designed to help members build and strengthen their law practices, with particular emphasis on the use of online resources as the primary vehicle to market and disseminate PMRC services.
  • Assisting in the publicity and promotion of mentorship programs throughout the state.
  • Reviewing and evaluating metrics measuring the effectiveness of the State Bar's professional education and events efforts.

2018-2019 Committee List

Annual Reports