Black Women Lawyers Association of Michigan

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2016-2018 Executive Board

Shawndrica N. Simmons (AFL-CIO/Simmons Legal)—President
Rita O. White (Law Office of Rita O. White)—Vice President
Robyn Brazeal Liddell (Michigan Attorney General's Office)—Treasurer

Mission Statement

The Black Women Lawyers Association of Michigan (BWLAM) endeavors to promote reform in the law, to facilitate the administration of justice and to uphold the highest standard of integrity in the legal profession. BWLAM strives to cultivate a spirit of cordiality and fellowship among members of the Bar and our community at large. BWLAM strives to accomplish this by the promotion of programs which enhance civic education through law, promotion of scholarship and opportunity for black women at all levels of education. 


BWLAM was founded on July 28, 1992, by a group of African-American women from the Metro Detroit area, who wanted to form a bar organization that focused on women issues; increased black female representation in the judiciary and in public offices; and to take a proactive stance on political issues. BWLAM focuses on the professional advancement of women lawyers and the promotion of women’s rights.