Join our virtual seminar “The Rise of AI in the Legal Profession”

Join our virtual seminar “The Rise of AI in the Legal Profession”

ChatGPT AI has become the center of attention within legal circles, raising intriguing ethical considerations. To shed light on the implications for the legal profession, a panel of experts will dive into the world of ChatGPT and its potential to reshape the industry in a virtual, one-hour seminar hosted by the State Bar of Michigan, Practice Management Resource Center, at 2 p.m. Wednesday, August 16, 2023.  

The webinar, featuring speakers John W. Simek and Sharon D. Nelson, Esq., of Sensei Enterprises, will cover a wide range of topics pertinent to the use of ChatGPT and other AI technologies in the legal field. Attendees can expect detailed discussions on the following subjects:

  • How are lawyers currently utilizing ChatGPT in their law practice?  
  • What are the ethical considerations when incorporating ChatGPT and other AI systems in legal work?  
  • Will AI replace lawyers and paralegals?
  • What changes in the legal profession are predicted by AI experts and AI itself?

Register here to join us via Zoom. The program is free for all members of the State Bar of Michigan and their staffs.

Speaker Bios:  

John W. Simek is vice president of Sensei Enterprises Inc. His experience includes information technology, digital forensics, and information security. He is a respected digital forensics technologist who has testified as an expert witness throughout the United States.  

 Sharon D. Nelson, Esq., is president of Sensei Enterprises Inc. Her background includes digital forensics, cybersecurity, and information technology.  Nelson is a lawyer, renowned author, speaker, and co-host of the Legal Talk Network podcast series “The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology” and “Digital Detectives.”

Posted June 22, 2023