State Bar Volunteer Service Application

Dear Colleague:

I am delighted to follow up on my message to you in the March Bar Journal by inviting your service as a volunteer in one of the State Bar's many opportunities to implement our new Strategic Plan. Guided heavily by the 21st Century Practice Task Force work, our Plan identifies several innovative ways in which members can help advance the core mission of the State Bar to promote the professionalism of lawyers; advocate for an open, fair, and accessible justice system; and provide services to members that enable them to best serve their clients.

You will see from this year's application that while we maintain our commitment to the traditional matters of the mandatory bar, we are looking carefully to match your passion, talents, and work style preferences to the exciting new work ahead. We hope the application will also help us ensure that our efforts reflect as many viewpoints, talents, backgrounds, and experiences as possible. The application offers an opportunity to upload a resume so remember that as you consider your choices.

An e-mail address on record with the Bar is a requirement of volunteer service. If you have questions about the application, you can e-mail or call (517) 346-6300 during regular business hours. If you are a current committee member, your staff liaison is ready to assist you.

Please take a look at and complete the application before the end of May so I can begin making appointments in June. I expect to continue making appointments as exciting opportunities arise throughout the 2017-2018 bar year. The State Bar of Michigan's extraordinary reputation as a leader in upholding the values of the profession, serving the public, and delivering value to our members has been built over decades through the extraordinary volunteer work of thousands of members like you. I look forward to working with you.

Donald G. Rockwell, President-Elect
State Bar of Michigan