Appellate Practice Section Shares Appellate Brief Pilot Program

The Appellate Practice Section of the State Bar of Michigan is now making some of its valuable resources available to all Michigan lawyers. These resources relate to the Michigan Supreme Court’s new pilot program examining appellate brief formatting. The pilot program allows lawyers to file appellate briefs that are formatted in a way that will hopefully prove easier to read, both on the page and on tablets or other screens. The program is running for most of the next two years so that the judges and their staffs can gain experience with the new format.

To help lawyers participate in the pilot program, the Appellate Practice Section created a new page on its website. The page contains links to the Supreme Court’s order, information about the new briefing format, and perhaps most helpfully for lawyers working from home right now, a briefing template and instructions on how to use it. More templates may follow.

The pilot-program page can be found here, or by accessing the Appellate Practice Section’s home page, selecting the resources menu, and selecting the Ebrief Pilot Program.

If you notice any problems with the template, please contact Jason Killips.