SBM Launches New Mentoring Center


The State Bar of Michigan has launched a new Mentoring Center. The new web-based service is designed to match veteran attorneys with newer attorneys who have similar interests and backgrounds. The veteran attorneys will be called on to provide advice and counsel on everything from filing a brief to preparing for closing arguments.

To register, users sign in and create a profile consisting of information about their location, practice area, and interests. Once complete, the system generates a list of potential mentors/protégés who have the most similar answers. Then it's up to the mentor or protégé to reach out to a potential match and start a conversation.

"Our hope is that the mentoring relationships created through the new Mentoring Center provide seasoned lawyers an opportunity to give back by helping newer lawyers improve their skills and serve their clients better," said SBM President Julie Fershtman. "Ultimately, it is the public that benefits."

Signing up for membership takes no more than five minutes. Once registered, it's completely up to the parties to determine the scope of their relationship. Users can dedicate as much or as little time as they are able.

Lawyers who are interested in taking advantage of this new service can register by visiting SBM Mentoring Center.