Managing Keller: Mandatory State Bars

March 2014

Information complied for the Michigan Supreme Court Task Force on the Role of the State Bar of Michigan.

The following information regarding mandatory bars and how they manage Keller related activities was compiled by State Bar of Michigan between February 2014 and May 2014. As information was gathered, executive directors from several state bars expressed an interest in receiving this compilation of material. We are pleased to share this information with those who find it useful. Please note that the State Bar of Michigan does not update this compilation as policies and statutes change in various states. Users are encouraged to check with the state bars directly to learn of any relevant changes. All files are in format. Files larger than 1MB are noted.


    • Historical highlights
    • Unique characteristics of the bar
    • Legislative tracking


    • Bylaw excerpt

Arizona 2.8MB

    • Mission and goals
    • Important issues
    • Bylaws
    • Government relations
    • Keller memo
    • Board of Governors reporting form
    • Executive summary of Keller related case law

California 5.7MB

    • Overview rights and responsibilities of members
    • Active member fee scaling declaration
    • Legislative information
    • Legislative—State Bar office of governmental affairs
    • Fee statement
    • State Bar statement of expenditures and mandatory membership fees
    • Information on 2014 membership fees
    • Governance in the public interest task force
    • Task force on admission reform

District of Columbia

    • Who we are

Florida 6.7MB

    • Florida Bar committee handbook
    • Rules of regulating the FL State Bar
    • Rules and regulating the State Bar


    • History of the bar
    • Rule 1-103
    • Legislative policy
    • Standing board policy 100
    • Standing board policy 200
    • Legislative update
    • Programs


    • Board policy—legislative positions and activities


    • E-mail and Bar commission rules

Kentucky 2.6MB

    • Bylaws
    • Dues claim form for non-chargeable activities
    • Court rule

Louisiana 3.2MB

    • Bylaws
    • LSBA House of Delegates info
    • House of Delegates rules of procedures

Michigan 3.2MB

Mississippi 2MB

    • E-mail and Bar dues protest and refund procedure
    • Bylaws

Missouri 1.7MB

    • Protest and dues refund procedure
    • Policy statement regarding legislative procedure

Montana 3.5MB

    • Bar legislative lobbying score card
    • Policies of Board of Trustees

Nebraska 8.5MB

    • Article 8
    • NSBA legislative program
    • Dues FAQ
    • Nebraska advance sheets

Nevada 4.2MB

    • Bylaws of Board of Governors

New Hampshire 1.2MB

    • For posting at NHBA legislative page
    • How the Bar makes decisions about engaging in legislative activity
    • Keller memo


New Mexico 6MB

    • Article X-XII
    • Rules governing the bar
    • State Bar of New Mexico budget disclosure

North Carolina 6.3MB

    • State Bar information
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Bylaws
    • Legislative process and procedures

North Dakota 1.5MB

    • State Bar constitution
    • Bylaws
    • Legislative policy

Oklahoma 3.8MB

    • Supreme Court rules creating and controlling the Bar
    • Bylaws

Oregon 2.2MB

    • General Information
    • State Bar Act
    • Bylaws
    • House of Delegates rules of procedure
    • Limitations on use of mandatory dues

Rhode Island 3.1MB

    • Governance and Bylaws
    • Keller mechanism document

South Carolina 1.4MB

    • Summary
    • Constitution
    • Bylaws

South Dakota

    • General Information

Texas 5.2MB

    • General Information
    • Mission
    • Government Code
    • Board of Directors policy manual


    • Organization and management of the Bar—Rule 14-103
    • Authority to engage in legislative activities—Rule 14-106
    • Purposes of the Bar—Rule 14-202
    • Finances—Rule 14-207
    • Lobbying rebate and tax notice

Virginia 1.3MB

    • VSB About the Bar, 525
    • Dues statement, 528
    • Virginia Bar Association, 530

Washington 2.6MB

    • About the WSBA
    • Washington State Bar summary
    • Court rules
    • Keller deduction
    • Seattle Times—42 attorneys object to State Bar
    • Bylaw excerpts

West Virginia 6.5MB

    • Mission Statement
    • Constitution bylaws & rules and regulations of the WV State Bar

Wisconsin 16.7MB

    • Summary
    • General Information
    • Board of Governors policy positions
    • E-mail—Keller Determination Process
    • Notice concerning state bar dues reduction
    • Wisbar notice of Keller deduction
    • Keller dues reduction
    • Rules and Bylaws related to Keller
    • Revised Keller Process—FY15
    • Executive Committee takes up Keller dues evaluation
    • Final Judgement—2010
    • Public affairs positions
    • Keller Process FY13

Wyoming 2.7MB

    • Bylaws