Lending Library

Borrrow a Book

Complete the following steps to borrow a book from the Lending Library:

1. Read the Lending Policy (below)
2. Complete the Check-out and Lending Agreement Form
3. Fax or mail the form to the State Bar of Michigan

Fax to:
(517) 372-5921
Attn: Finance Department

Mail to:
State Bar of Michigan
Attn: Finance Department
306 Townsend Street
Lansing, MI 48933-2012

Lending Policy

Who may use the SBM Lending Library?

What procedures should I follow to check out library resources?

    Members may check out resources by completing a copy of the online Check-out and Lending Agreement Form and delivering or faxing the form to the SBM building at (517) 372-5921, Attention: Finance Department.

What resources are available for loan?

    Resources in the Lending Library consist of publications and electronic media.

How many resources may I check out at one time?

    Members may check out a maximum of two lending selections at one time.

How long may I borrow library resources?

    Resources may be checked out of the Lending Library for a period of two weeks, with extensions being considered on a case-by-case basis. The two-week lending period begins to accrue on the date the item is sent. Items must be returned on the date which is two weeks from the date sent or if this date falls on a weekend or a national holiday, the next business day. Materials are to be returned to:

      Practice Management Resource Center
      State Bar of Michigan
      306 Townsend Street
      Lansing, MI 48933-2012

Must I verify that I agree to the terms and conditions in the Lending Policy?

    A member’s signature on the Check-out and Lending Agreement Form is an attestation that he/she agrees to and is bound by the terms and conditions as described in the SBM Lending Policy.

Is there a cost to borrow resources from the library?

    The cost to borrow one resource is $10.00. There is no fee to simultaneously borrow a second resource. This charge will be automatically applied to the credit card provided on the Check-out and Lending Agreement Form .

What methods of payment are available to me?

    The accepted method of payment to cover lending fees is by credit card, including Visa or MasterCard.

How will I receive requested resources?

If I request a resource and the resource is on loan to another member, will I be notified?

    If a resource is requested that is currently on loan to another member, you will be contacted and advised of the current unavailability of the resource and the projected date the resource should be available.

Is there a fee associated with an item returned after the due date?

    Overdue fines are $2.00 per item per day. Overdue notices are issued by e-mail or by U.S. mail. If an item is not returned within two weeks of the due date, the replacement cost of the overdue resource(s) is charged to the borrower’s credit card, to include any applicable tax and shipping fees associated with replacing the resource. Anyone owing $2.00 or more in fines must pay in full before borrowing additional resources.

Is there a fee if I lose, damage, or fail to return borrowed resources?

    Resources returned in a damaged state or resources lost or unreturned will be charged to the borrower’s credit card at replacement rate, to include any applicable tax and shipping fees associated with replacing the resource.

Are there any copyright restrictions that apply to lending resources?

    Due to licensing restrictions regarding usage, certain CDs provided with associated publications are not available for loan. If a publication that has an accompanying CD is shipped to you without the CD, licensing restrictions are being enforced. Copyright restrictions on resources sent for loan must be reviewed by the borrower on an individualized basis.

Lending Library Disclaimer

    While resources available through the SBM PMRC Lending Library are general educational resources from reputable sources, they are not intended to take the place of legal advice and have not been reviewed for compliance with the Model Rules of Professional Conduct for the State of Michigan. If you have questions regarding the ethical implications of any of the library resources, please call the SBM Attorney Ethics Helpline at (877) 558-4760.