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The Lawyer's Guide to Buying, Selling, Merging, & Closing a Law Practice

By Sarina A. Butler & Richard G. Paszkiet

Lending Library Number: 101

If you are considering buying, selling, closing, or merging a law practice, this book is a valuable resource for information on things to consider before and during the process.

The guide provides advice and tips on:

  • The advantages of buying and selling a law practice
  • The ethical aspects of acquiring a law practice
  • Valuation of a law firm
  • Tax consequences of "retiring" a partner's interest in a law firm taxed as a partnership
  • Merging law firms
  • Selling a niche practice
  • Business responsibilities in closing a law practice
  • The ethical aspects of winding down a law practice
  • File preservation
  • Ending client and employee relationships