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The Modern Rules of Personal Finance for Professionals

By Susan A. Berson

Lending Library Number: 108

Money impacts every corner of our lives and dictates the way we live today and how we'll be able to live tomorrow. Take charge of your finances with this valuable resource in the American Bar Association's Modern Rules series. With this book Susan Berson has written an informative resource on personal finance for lawyers, and other professionals in every field.

Now more than ever, lawyers and other successful young professionals can benefit from the timely information found in this book. While they may be saddled with student loans, they are also experiencing significant income for the first time in their career. These readers will learn how to better understand their money, and how to make it work for them. Written by noted tax litigator, Susan A. Berson, this indispensable book will help any professional become a better steward of his or her own money, today and into the future.

Topics include debt/student loans; saving; investing; philanthropy; real estate; preparing for a drop in income to change paths; and much, much more.