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Modern Rules of Business Etiquette, The

By Donna Gerson & David Gerson

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Good manners and proper protocol can make, or break, a promising business relationship. Now, more than ever, this new addition to the American Bar Association's Modern Rules series is needed every law firm. This book will help you build better and deeper relationships, and feel more confident than you ever have, no matter what the business setting.

This book will be a valuable tool for all business professionals who recognize the important role interpersonal skills play in the success of their career, and their business. As society seems to continue to travel down a pathway of inappropriate and uninformed behavior, those who understand and implement correct principles of behavior from this book will leave their competitors in the dust and will thrive in the global marketplace of today.

Topics include: interview etiquette; office etiquette, including working with those more senior, those more junior, and working with peers; working with support staff; clients and client development; opposing counsel; outside advisors; office events after working hours; the etiquette of changing jobs; and the "golden rules of etiquette".