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Being Prepared: A Lawyer's Guide for Dealing with Disability or Unexpected Events

By Lloyd D. Cohen & Debra Hart Cohen

Lending Library Number: 110

NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions, the CD that accompanies this book is not available for loan.

Being Prepared is the essential workbook and guide for protecting your law practice against casualty or other unexpected event. If you haven't started thinking about, or formulating, an action plan to properly protect your law firm, your clients, and your family in the event of temporary disability, incapacity, or other unexpected event, this book will jump start the process! It is a "how to" workbook designed to lead you through a series of active and immediate steps aimed at establishing your protection plan. Use this book to safety-net your financial and professional integrity.

BONUS: The book is accompanied by a companion CD-ROM, which contains a wealth of material with easy-to-use checklists, questionnaires, forms, sample agreements, blog site, and web site links to state-specific resources. It provides an effective way to communicate vital information to family, friends, colleagues, and clients. Use both the workbook and CD-ROM to get your protection plan started today! Then continue to use it quickly and effectively organize your entire practice.