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Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2007, The

By Ben M. Schorr

Lending Library Number: 111

Outlook is the most used application in Microsoft Office, but are you using it to your greatest advantage? The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2007 is the only guide written specifically for lawyers to help you be more productive, more efficient, and more successful. More than just e-mail, Outlook is also a powerful task, contact, and scheduling manager that will improve your practice. From helping you log and track phone calls, meetings, and correspondence to archiving closed case material in one easy-to-store location, this book unlocks the secrets of "underappreciated" features that you will use every day. Written in plain language by a twenty-year veteran of law office technology and ABA member, you'll find:

  • Tips and tricks to effectively transfer information between all components of the software
  • The eight new features in Outlook 2007 that lawyers will love
  • A tour of major product features and how lawyers can best use them
  • Mistakes lawyers should avoid when using Outlook
  • What to do when you're away from the office

Praise from State Bars

"The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2007 is a must-have for any law office that uses Outlook. Your jaws will drop in shock when you read this. And do not think that because you do not have the current version of Outlook that this does not pertain to you. As much as 90% of the features presented in this book are features that are in Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2003.

As a practice management advisor for the State Bar of Arizona, I have personally visited hundreds of law firms over the past eight years. I estimate that 9 out of 10 firms use Outlook for e-mail only purposes. Using Outlook for e-mail handling only is like having a Swiss Army knife and using the knife only. Author Ben Schorr exposes the other gadgets (features) of the Swiss army knife (Outlook) from the perspective of a practicing attorney, giving clear instruction and practical examples on how to use each feature.

The book is an easy read and a must-have for law firms using Outlook. I am going so far as to say it is a must-read for all attorneys and staff during a new employee training, and excerpts from it should be included with policies and procedures manuals for law firms."
—Susan Traylor, practice management advisor, State Bar of Arizona

"I love baseball, and Ben Schorr's new book, The Lawyer's Guide to Outlook 2007, is so great it just naturally brings thoughts of home runs to mind. If you have already upgraded to Office 2007, and if you are feeling overwhelmed by both the new user interface in Outlook, not to mention the volume of e-mail you receive every day, this is the book for you.

The book is an extremely easy read, as if he's a friend talking you through your use of the program. And from his many years as both a consultant and as director of information services for a large Honolulu law firm, he understands how lawyers use e-mail.

Chapter 1 starts out with a tour of Outlook 2007 and explains all the different law office tasks it can help you perform, teaching you how you can configure the look and feel of Outlook 2007 to meet your needs. The book then proceeds to detailed chapters on each of the programs separate functions, such as e-mail, to dos, calendaring, contacts and using the journal, to show you how these tools can be adapted to your business processes, or how those processes can be strengthened to get more done, more easily.

The final chapters show you how to archive materials when the case is done, how to effectively use Outlook 2007 with other parts of the Office Suite, such as Word for mail merges, and how to avoid common mistakes that lawyers make when using Outlook. There is even a chapter of tips and trick that will amaze you with how easy using Outlook can be."
—Laura Calloway, Alabama State Bar