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The Lawyer's Guide to Concordance

By Liz M. Weiman

Lending Library Number: 114

Legal technology expert Liz Weiman makes Concordance easy to understand. In this age, when trial outcomes depend on the organization of electronic data discovery, The Lawyer's Guide to Concordance reveals how attorneys and staff can make Concordance the most powerful tool in their litigation arsenal. Using this easy-to-read hands-on reference guide, individuals who are new to Concordance can get up-to-speed quickly, by following its step-by-step instructions, exercises, and time-saving shortcuts. For those already working with Concordance, this comprehensive resource provides methods, strategies, and technical information to further their knowledge and success using this robust program.

Liz Weiman has created an all purpose instruction guide that addresses the diverse needs of different law firms. Attorneys in offices with large IT staffs that manage their databases still need to become familiar with data entry procedures, screen views, searching, tagging, and printing. Lawyers and staff in smaller firms need to know how to load database records and troubleshoot if problems arise. This book provides answers and guidance for these scenarios and more.

Inside The Lawyer's Guide to Concordance readers will also find:

  • Techniques to effectively search database records, create tags for the results, customize printed reports, redline and redact images, create production sets
  • Strategies to create and work with transcript, e-document, and e-mail databases, load files from vendors, manage images, troubleshoot, and more
  • Real-world case studies from law firms in the United States and England describing Concordance features that have improved case management

With its detailed descriptions of program features, exercises, pointers, reference appendices, and case studies, The Lawyer's Guide to Concordance is the essential companion for attorneys and staff who want to learn the important features of this award-winning database program.

Note: This book is a guide to using Concordance software only and does not include the software program itself.