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Convincing the Judge: Practical Advice for Litigators

By Cecil C. Kuhne, III

Lending Library Number: 117

Learn what judges like and do not like and how to deal with the judge throughout the entire litigation process. This book distills the advice of judges to practitioners appearing in their courtrooms and provides practical advice on case management, all phases of trial, and appeals. It also explains the judicial role and suggests tips for dealing with a difficult judge. Each chapter includes valuable practice tips and specific examples for enhancing your litigation skills.

Among the topics covered include:

  • Cooperation between judge and counsel
  • Getting to know the judge
  • What trial judges ultimately want
  • Sure-fire ways to alienate the trial judge
  • How attorneys can help judges manage cases
  • Tips for oral argument
  • Achieving success in a settlement conference
  • Refreshing your knowledge of basic hearsay objections
  • The relationship between judge and jury
  • Relating to the jury
  • Suggestions for effective voir dire
  • How not to make an opening statement
  • Helping jurors with important exhibits
  • Preparing an effective closing argument
  • The art of drafting good jury instructions
  • Appeals—general considerations, briefs, and oral arguments