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Through the Client's Eyes: New Approaches to Get Clients to Hire You Again & Again (Third Edition)

By Henry W. Ewalt & Andrew W. Ewalt

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The Source Top Attorneys Use for Improving Client Relations

    "The long and short of it is that you have chosen a profession that will involve you in the antagonisms and ambiguities of human aspiration . . . . The melding of human concerns and the law, I think, is part of the worthwhileness and joy of our profession."
    Jerome J. Shestack, former president of the American Bar Association

This updated edition of the two-time bestseller Through the Client's Eyes is for every attorney who has struggled with the love-hate traits inherent in the practice of law. Used as a comprehensive guidebook, you'll learn how to better cultivate your existing client relationships without compromising your own interests—and increase your bottom line.

Substantively expanded to address distinct issues for law firms, solos, government attorneys, and corporate counsel, the detailed table-of-contents directs you to the topics most pertinent to your practice: from billing to forming alliances to enhancing your web site. Through the Client's Eyes was written to help you build on the foundation you've already established in your profession—whether you're a new attorney or further advanced in your career. Surpassing the sales cliché to "put the client first," it teaches you how to anticipate your client's human needs, and how to redeem yourself and your practice in the process.