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Partner Departures & Lateral Moves: A Legal & Ethical Guide

By Geri S. Krauss

Lending Library Number: 124

Once it was the exception for a partner to leave a firm. Now "the revolving door" of partner departures has been deemed a "modern-day law firm fixture." What steps can a departing partner or an acquiring firm take to minimize risks and reduce potential liabilities? This book is an essential guide to answering those questions. With years of experience, Geri Krauss provides guidance for both the partner and the acquiring firm in connection with exploring a new affiliation. You will also learn:

  • What obligations partners have to their current partners when looking for a new affiliation
  • How a departing partner should communicate to clients about a departure
  • What information a departing partner can disclose to a potential new firm
  • What claims can be brought against the partner and the new firm if either party fails to follow these rules
  • And much more!