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Lawyer's Guide to Practice Management Systems Software, The (Second Edition)

By Andrew Z. Adkins, III

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NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions, the CD that accompanies this book is not available for loan.

Learn how to successfully implement a practice management system in your law firm.

What can practice management systems software do for your law practice? With the right system in place, you and your staff will have the ability to automatically route items, tasks, documents, and events to certain people based on their role in the case or matter, as well as manage deadlines, improve responsiveness to clients, reduce malpractice insurance rates, and boost overall productivity. The challenge is to find a program that best serves the needs of your firm.

The new edition of The Lawyer's Guide to Practice Management Systems Software is your complete, how-to guide to understanding, evaluating, choosing, and implementing a practice management system.

Written by legal technology expert Andy Adkins, this updated guide covers the entire gamut of the latest practice management systems software, helping you gain a solid understanding of their individual capabilities and special features. You'll learn how to obtain the software at the best price; set up the workflow in your office; obtain necessary training for staff; and much more.

Written for both novice and experienced practice management systems software users, this book will get you up and running on a system quickly—leaving you more time to work on your cases (not track them!)