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Effectively Staffing Your Law Firm

By Jennifer J. Rose

Lending Library Number: 134

With the advent of sophisticated office technology and software programs, lawyers are tempted to rely more on themselves than staff to run and operate their law offices. But can you do it all yourself—or do you need help? Effectively Staffing Your Law Firm will provide you with the necessary tools to manage your workload and determine staffing needs that make sense for your firm.

Employing additional staff frees you to do what you do best - practice law. But the reality is that more employees mean more responsibilities: hiring, firing, supervising, and training staff.

Although staff can help you bring in more profits and clients, ineffective supervision can cost you money—and potentially lose clients and harm your professional reputation. Effectively Staffing Your Law Firm provides insight to help guide the many decisions that face a lawyer who is running a firm, whether solo or staffed.