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Lawyers, Anger, & Anxiety: Dealing with the Stresses of the Legal Profession

By Rebecca Nerison

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Being a lawyer is stressful—finding a job, getting new clients, billing your hours, exacting bosses, and demanding clients can all help create a relentless drain on your internal resources. Coupled with the perfectionism and competitiveness so common in lawyers, the resulting stress, anger, and anxiety can produce devastating physical and mental distress.

Lawyers, Anger, and Anxiety first examines how anger and anxiety are related and the symptoms and costs associated with them. You'll then find specific help for the various stressful situations you'll encounter in your career:

  • Life after law school
  • Tolerating injustice in the system
  • Surviving the billable hour
  • Managing losses
  • Coping with perfectionism
  • Combating procrastination

You'll also find advice on seeking happiness through all the stages of your career, and discover valuable tips for staying satisfactorily employed during the most stressful of times. There's also help for those living with a stressed-out lawyer, both at home or at the office.

Lawyers, Anger, and Anxiety will help you stay calm, develop healthy coping habits, eschew negative thinking, increase your social support, maintain your physical health, accept what is, and laugh more often.