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Find Info Like a Pro, Volume 2: Mining the Internet's Public Records for Investigative Research

By Carole A. Levitt & Mark E. Rosch

Lending Library Number: 152

NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions, the CD that accompanies this book is not available for loan.

This complete hands-on guide reveals the secrets, shortcuts, and realities of conducting investigative and background research using free and low-cost public records available on the Internet (and from fee-based databases). Written for legal professionals but also useful for anyone who needs to conduct investigative and background research, this comprehensive desk book describes how to use hundreds of government and non-government Internet sites to uncover public records. The resources and techniques in this book are useful for investigations; finding assets; advising clients about potential business partners; depositions; locating missing witnesses, clients, or heirs; and trial preparation, among other research challenges facing legal professionals. In addition, a CD-ROM featuring clickable links to all of the sites contained in the book is included.

Find Info Like a Pro will assist anyone who wants to learn how to find free and low-cost public record Internet sites (and fee-based databases) for investigative research The book will help you:

  • Determine where to begin your search by learning about meta-sites that help you quickly find public record sites
  • Decide when to use fee-based databases instead of (or in addition to) free sites
  • Find addresses for service of process
  • Unearth assets—real and personal property
  • Discover political persuasions
  • Obtain vital records, criminal records, liens, judgments, and UCCs
  • Uncover background information about people (and companies) via docket, case law, and corporate record research
  • Locate occupational licenses
  • Understand the difference between credit reports and credit headers and how and when you can obtain each—legally
  • And much more!

Don't waste time and money on hiring someone to do your investigative research when you can do it yourself. Find Info Like A Pro will help you hone your public record investigative research skills and obtain the information you need.