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Lawyer's Guide to CT Summation iBlaze, The (Second Edition)

By Tom O'Connor

Lending Library Number: 153

CT Summation iBlaze gives you complete control over litigation evidence by bringing all you need—transcripts, documents, issues, and events, to your fingertips in one easy-to-use software program. Working in close collaboration with CT Summation, Tom O'Connor has developed this easy-to-understand guide designed to quickly get you up and running on CT Summation software. Fully up-to-date, covering the latest version of iBlaze, the book features step-by-step instructions on the functions of iBlaze and how to get the most from this powerful, yet easy-to-use program.

Organized from the perspective of working with evidentiary documents,The Lawyer's Guide to CT Summation iBlaze, explains the program's system of storing and recalling disparate types of evidence, and walks you through CT Summation's entire integrated litigation-support product line. Helpful screenshots throughout illustrate all the procedures being discussed, and "practice pointer" sidebars illustrate the processes where Summation can make the task of managing litigation more efficient for you. If you're looking to make CT Summation iBlaze software work harder for you, or if you simply want to evaluate the features of iBlaze to see if it's right for you, this is the perfect book for you.