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Effective Associate Training & Development Program, The (Second Edition)

By Austin G. Anderson & Sandra J. Boyer

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This second edition of the manual of the same name, along with the audio program, show how to develop and maintain effective training and development programs for associates in small-to-medium-sized firms.

Training associates to become competent and productive members of your firm is essential both to the health of your firm and to the standards and services provided to your clients, now and in the future. Austin Anderson and Sandra Boyer have been studying associate training and development programs for many years, interviewing more than 5,000 associates and 1,000 partners at more than 500 law firms in the process.

Addressed to firms with 5-100 lawyers, the 201-page manual and audio presentation explain how to:

  • Design a summer associate program that binds the participants to the firm
  • Provide effective associate orientation
  • Create an effective associate mentoring program
  • Develop the associates' communication skills in both client advocacy and legal writing
  • Train associates in substantive legal areas while encouraging them to build leadership in a specialty
  • Incorporate practice groups and industry groups in associate training
  • Teach case/matter planning and budgeting
  • Help associates understand the business of the practice of law and client development
  • Organize an associate training program

Fifteen appendices complete the manual. These appendices include numerous practical, timesaving forms; practice area development outlines for 15 practice areas; and guidelines and sample policies useful in developing and administering training programs and overseeing CLE participation.