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PowerPoint in One Hour for Lawyers

By Paul J. Unger

Lending Library Number: 176

The difference between a successful presentation and an unsuccessful one can often be traced to a presenter's use—or misuse—of PowerPoint®. PowerPoint in One Hour for Lawyers offers practical advice for creating effective presentations quickly and easily. PowerPoint expert and attorney Paul Unger will help you avoid mishaps and develop a compelling presentation using storyboarding techniques. In just one hour, you will learn how to:

  • Create & edit PowerPoint slides
  • Incorporate graphics, animations, photographs, clip art, & more
  • Use color & shapes to enhance your message
  • Insert other file formats (PDF, Excel, etc.) into a presentation
  • Include video & audio components
  • Create time lines
  • Deliver an effective presentation by using the authors tips and tricks
  • Present your materials with an iPad