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Google Gmail & Calendar in One Hour for Lawyers

By Carole A. Levitt & Mark E. Rosch

Lending Library Number: 178

Millions of corporations, small businesses, solo lawyers, large and small law firms, and government agencies have "gone Google." Find out why these organizations moved from hosting their own e-mail servers—and in some cases calendars and documents—to using Google Apps.Google Gmail and Calendar in One Hour for Lawyersis designed as a step-by-step guide for lawyers to learn what features and functions are available in Gmail and Google Calendar, as well as related services such as Google Chat, Google Talk, Google Hangout, and Call Phone. In just one hour, you will learn in plain English how to transform your law practice by using these powerful Google tools to save time and money. This book will help you:

  • Create a Google Apps for Business account
  • Get started with Gmail as your e-mail service provider
  • Use labels and customized settings to manage your e-mail
  • Stay organized with Contacts & Task Manager
  • Access your Gmail messages & Calendar offline
  • Communicate with Google Chat, Google Talk, & Google Hangout
  • Use Gmail to make phone calls
  • Add, edit, search, & print Calendar events
  • Download Google Apps marketplace add-ons & Google Chrome plug-ins to further customize your experience
  • Understand security, confidentiality, & ethics concerns related to Google App