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iPad in One Hour for Lawyers (Third Edition)

By Tom Mighell

Lending Library Number: 180

The bestselling ABA book iPad in One Hour for Lawyers has helped thousands of attorneys learn to use the iPad in their law practices. Fully revised and updated to reflect the newest versions of the iPad and the latest apps available, iPad in One Hour for Lawyers, Third Edition, will help attorneys get more out of their iPad. Ideal for lawyers who want to get up to speed fast, this acclaimed book presents the essentials so you don't get bogged down in technical jargon and extraneous features and apps.

In just six, short lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Quickly navigate and use the latest versions of the iPad
  • Set up mail, calendar, and contacts
  • Create and use folders to multitask and manage apps
  • Add files to your iPad, and sync them
  • View and manage pleadings, case law, contracts, and other legal documents
  • Use your iPad to take notes and create documents
  • Use legal-specific apps at trial or in doing research