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Legal Project Management in One Hour for Lawyers

By Pam Woldow & Doug Richardson

Lending Library Number: 181

Legal clients are responding to today's unprecedented financial pressures by demanding better predictability, cost-effectiveness, and communication from their outside legal service providers. They give their business to those who can manage legal work efficiently—and take it away from those who can't or won't. Legal Project Management in One Hour for Lawyers provides any attorney with practical skills and methods for improving efficiency, keeping budgets under control, building strong working relationships with clients, and maximizing profitability. In just one hour, this book will help you:

  • Understand the features & benefits of legal project management (LPM)
  • Negotiate project scope & budgets with clients
  • Align your legal work with client needs & priorities
  • Plan and budget all legal project phases & tasks
  • Improve communications with both internal team members & external clients
  • Keep legal work on schedule, on task, & on budget
  • Gain familiarity with LPM software, tools, & templates
  • Leverage time & effort with proven LPM techniques
  • Improve business development success & enhance client trust