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Entertainment Careers for Lawyers (Third Edition)

By William D. Henslee

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Entertainment law is a popular area of study for law students and a desired career path for practitioners. Yet the glamor of working with actors, production companies, musicians, writers, and others to create works of art comes with long hours, hard work, and fierce competition for jobs.Entertainment Careers for Lawyers will dispel many of the myths surrounding the practice and help lawyers and law students gain an understanding of the realities of entertainment law. Written by William D. Henslee, an experienced entertainment lawyer and law professor, this book will help you:

  • Gain an overview of the substantive law areas included in entertainment law, from intellectual property & litigation to contract negotiations & estate planning
  • Understand the pros and cons of specializing in entertainment law
  • Learn about the career trajectories available in four major entertainment genres: music, theater, film, & television
  • Get the academic and work experience you need to succeed in this specialty
  • Land your first job as an entertainment lawyer as a law student
  • Successfully transition to entertainment law as a mid-career attorney
  • Explore non-legal career options in the entertainment field
  • Understand the day-to-day realities of working as an entertainment lawyer