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Passing the Torch without Getting Burned: A Guide to Law Firm Retirement & Succession Planning

By Peter A. Giulani

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For law firms, succession is a fact of life: founding partners retire, rainmakers depart, and in the meantime, client relationships must be preserved. Passing the Torch without Getting Burned: A Guide to Law Firm Retirement and Succession Planning is a comprehensive examination of the key economic issues typically encountered by law firms when they consider how partners end their careers, as they inevitably must. Peter Giuliani, an experienced law-firm management consultant, illustrates common retirement issues and their resolutions through "real life" case studies from his years of consulting experience. This book will help you:

  • Understand the basic economics of retirement & succession planning
  • Take care of founding partners upon their retirement
  • Bring new partners into the firm
  • Select a retirement plan that's best for your firm—and make it affordable for employees
  • Weigh the costs & benefits of mandatory retirement
  • Consider "emeritus status" alternative retirement plans
  • Integrate compensation plans with retirement policies
  • Think about selling your law firm
  • Understand special considerations for contingency-fee practices