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Adobe Acrobat in One Hour for Lawyers

By Ernie Svenson

Lending Library Number: 189

Most lawyers now encounter PDFs, and many own Adobe Acrobat—the most widely used software for working with PDFs. But most attorneys are confused about how to work efficiently with PDFs. Adobe Acrobat in One Hour for Lawyers is written for lawyers and legal professionals who want to be more organized by making better use of PDFs. By reading this book you'll learn to use Acrobat to:

  • View PDFs the way you find most comfortable (zoom, rotate, etc.)
  • Create searchable PDFs from Microsoft Word or Outlook, or other programs.
  • Rearrange pages, tag key passages, & even edit text.
  • Create a signature stamp so you can "sign" documents without printing.
  • Redact sensitive or confidential information from PDFs, reliably & easily.
  • Bates-stamp PDFs with optimal settings, & save those settings for later use.
  • Turn scanned PDFs into searchable ones, quickly & reliably.
  • Be prepared for PDF/A requirements, which will soon apply in all federal courts.
  • Use powerful keyboard shortcuts for the actions you most often need.
  • Adjust the preference settings that will help you get the most out of Acrobat editions X & XI, the latest releases of the software.