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Succeeding as Outside Counsel; A Lawyer’s Guide to Providing First Class Legal Services from the Client’s Perspective

By Rod Boddie

Lending Library Number: 197

Instructs outside counsel on improving the level of service they provide and deepening their relationships with clients.

The delivery of quality legal services requires that lawyers function as customer service representatives as well as legal technicians.  Succeeding as Outside Counsel was written by an in-house lawyer with over 15 years of experience managing and utilizing the services of outside counsel.  As a result, this book provides outside counsel with practical guidance on how to improve the level of service they provide and how to deepen their relationships with their clients—all from a client’s perspective. This essential guide will discuss how outside counsel have excelled, where they have fallen short, and what they need to do to serve the comprehensive needs of the client by adding value that goes far beyond any individual matter. This book will help you:

  • Understand the client’s needs
  • Add value as outside counsel
  • Manage client expectations
  • Use technology to increase efficiencies
  • Improve the manner and substance of your communications with clients
  • Develop a client-centric billing system
  • Make client connections
  • Create a business development plan to attract new clients by addressing the needs of the clients