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Essential Form Book, The: Comprehensive Management Tools for Lawyers, Volume IV

By Gary A. Munneke & Anthony E. Davis

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NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions, the CD that accompanies this book is not available for loan.

Part I, Disaster Planning and Recovery, covers the nature of disaster, planning for disaster, and the recovery afterward. If disaster strikes, having a disaster plan in place can make or break a law firm as it struggles to survive. To the extent that it is possible, firms need to plan for disaster, protecting themselves and their clients against both natural and manmade disaster. Firms must consider how they will deal with loss of life, property damage, interruptions in communications and other vital services, and lapses in their ability to serve clients during and after a disaster. The disaster plan should anticipate worst-case scenarios that can affect a firm's ability to function, to generate work, and to provide legal support for clients who might also be affected by the disaster. In addition to the text, over 50 valuable checklists, worksheets, lists, and other forms are provided, including a disaster recovery plan outline, ready to implement. Also supplied on the accompanying CD-ROM, the forms are easy to customize to meet the specifications of any firm.

Part II, Risk Management and Professional Liability Insurance, addresses professional liability insurance for lawyers in the context of planning for the risk of professional error inherent in every legal representation. The explanatory text is designed to help lawyers and law firms de-mystify the often unfamiliar world of malpractice insurance. It will help lawyers to better understand what lawyers professional liability (LPL) coverage policies contain, how they work to provide risk protection, and what to expect in purchasing LPL coverage. In addition, it will help lawyers evaluate their existing coverage and present themselves most effectively to insurers when seeking renewal or new coverage. Lawyers professional liability coverage has become a practical necessity, and viewed with the proper perspective, can provide substantial peace of mind in a troublesome climate. Forms in this part include sample lawyers professional liability policies and applications.