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Flying Solo: A Survival Guide for the Solo & Small Firm Lawyer (Fourth Edition)

By K. William Gibson

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Newly revised and completely updated, the fourth edition of this comprehensive guide includes practical information gathered from a wide range of contributors, including successful solo practitioners, law firm consultants, state and local bar practice management advisors, and law school professors. All the contributors share tips and advice that can be easily implemented in your solo or small-firm practice.

This classic ABA book first walks you through a step-by-step analysis of the decision to start a solo practice, including choosing a practice focus. It then provides tools to help you with financial issues including banking and billing; operations issues such as staffing, office location, and design decisions; technology for the small law office; and marketing and client relations. What's more, the final section on quality of life issues puts it all into perspective. Whether you're thinking of going solo, new to the solo life, or a seasoned practitioner, Flying Solo provides time-tested answers to real-life questions.