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HotDocs in One Hour for Lawyers (Second Edition)

By Bruce W. Miller

Lending Library Number: 24

Written as a quick starter for legal professionals who want to automate their legal forms using HotDocs, this book offers a step-by-step explanation of how HotDocs can be used to improve the document production process.

Speed up your day-to-day generation of legal documents and forms with this hands-on guide to one of the most popular document automation software programs. Written by a lawyer, this book will quickly teach you how to get familiar with HotDoc's powerful graphic-based interface.

Organized into four short, interactive lessons, this book offers simple instructions—ranging from generating a document from a template to inserting conditional text and creating custom dialogs. After completing all of the lessons, you will have a thorough understanding of the basic features of HotDocs and how to automate the assembly of your legal documents and forms. If you're currently struggling with the HotDocs program, the second edition of this popular book is a true time-saver and dependable reference.