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Law Office Policy & Procedures Manual (Fourth Edition)

By Howard I. Hatoff & Robert C. Wert

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NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions, the software that accompanies this book is not available for loan.

Every law office needs an accurate office manual to formalize basic operating policies and procedures and prevent miscommunications and misunderstandings among all staff, legal and administrative. A staff manual also saves time and aggravation as a training tool for new employees and associates, or as a reference guide for your temporary workers. More importantly, a staff manual centralizes information about the firm's responsibilities and obligations to its employees and clients as a ready resource on key office practices and policies.

Completely revised and updated, the 2004 edition of the Law Office Policy and Procedures Manualnow contains all prior revisions, plus the new 2004 supplement. This resource contains all you need to prepare your own staff manual, regardless of the size of your firm. The materials can be used to organize a single staff manual used by all the lawyers and staff members in your firm, or assemble separate manuals for each type of position. You'll find 300 pages of personnel and operational policies that can be reviewed, selected, and edited to fit your firm's specific needs. You won't need to re-key any of the information. You can quickly create a customized manual that will reflect the latest in operational policies and procedures.