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Lawyer's Guide to Effective Yellow Pages Advertising, The (Second Edition)

By Kerry Randall & Andru Johnson

Lending Library Number: 29

This book by Kerry Randall, "the world's foremost expert on Yellow Pages advertising," shows you how to create more powerful Yellow Pages advertising. Remember, the best lawyers do not get the most calls; the best ads get the most calls.

This book will give you the important tools needed to attract new business to your practice by creating advertising that gets attention, holds attention, and most importantly, gets potential clients to call.

This updated second edition shows you how to create more powerful Yellow Pages advertising and drive your client development programs forward vigorously.

In this book you'll:

  • Learn the six key ingredients that all successful Yellow Pages ads contain.
  • Learn how to write copy that speaks powerfully to your readers' wants and needs.
  • Learn to create a slogan that establishes you as the hands-down market leader.
  • Learn to use photos and illustrations that guarantee your ad won't be skipped over.
  • Pick up buying strategies that get you the biggest return on your yellow pages investment.
  • And much more!

In addition, this book will guide you through the process of:

  • Identifying your unique place in the market.
  • Defining and then targeting an audience that will be influenced by your message.
  • Creating content that produces results.
  • Instilling confidence in your potential client that you are the best possible choice of whom to call.