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Lawyer's Guide to Insurance, The

By Ben G. Baldwin

Lending Library Number: 30

Make Informed Decisions When Buying Insurance
Today more than ever before, lawyers are being asked to counsel clients on a wide range of financial planning and risk management issues. At the same time, the insurance products which professionals can take advantage of are becoming increasingly complex. This much-needed guide to various types of insurance clearly and concisely explains what to insure and how to save when selecting products that best meet your needs, or the needs of your clients.

Identifies Tax Issues Which Impact Decisions
Each chapter is devoted to a particular type of personal or professional insurance, describing recent trends and legislation that impact your purchasing decisions. The book helps you identify important tax consequences or financial planning considerations when choosing different types of products. Each chapter includes sample "action letters," written to elicit the information you need from insurance professionals in order to compare coverage and costs.

Protect Your Client and Yourself
The author shares his extensive expertise in counseling individuals and corporate clients so you can be confident that you have addressed important issues in helping your client make an informed decision. You will particularly appreciate his advice for lawyers on selecting products designed to protect your practice, your family, and your financial security.

Whether you are looking for help in counseling clients or developing your own risk management program, this comprehensive resource will save you valuable time and money while choosing the most effective types of insurance.