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Lawyer's Guide to Marketing Your Practice, The (Second Edition)

By James A. Durham & Deborah McMurray

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NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions, the CD that accompanies this book is not available for loan.

This new, expanded, and revised edition will help you master the creative marketing solutions you need. It's packed with practical ideas, innovative strategies, useful checklists, and sample marketing and action plans to help you implement a successful, multi-faceted, and profit-enhancing marketing program in your firm.

This definitive marketing resource features approaches and insights from the country's top legal marketers on many topics, from strategic planning and public relations to Internet marketing and market research. Stop "marketing by accident" or "client development by chance" and take charge of your practice, by implementing the clear and effective marketing strategies found in this book.

Organized into four sections, this illuminating resource covers:

  • Developing Your Approach. Persuade partners to commit resources and support to marketing initiatives. Craft a laser-focused, strategic marketing plan that addresses competition, change, and survival.
  • Enhancing Your Image. Develop and maximize your public relations strategy and execution. Focus your visual identity through a consistent image in all of your advertising and marketing communications tools, including the Internet.
  • Implementing Marketing Strategies. Craft targeted, persuasive proposals that answer prospects' needs and win their business.
  • Maintaining Your Program. Train your good lawyers to be good salespeople. Understand and integrate the latest ethical considerations into your plan and avoid any adverse consequences.

Accompanying CD-ROM contains a wealth of checklists, a sample strategic marketing plan, and much more!