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Lawyer's Guide to Strategic Planning, The: Defining, Setting, & Achieving Your Firm's Goals

By Thomas C. Grella & Michael L. Hudkins

Lending Library Number: 33

NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions, the CD that accompanies this book is not available for loan.

This new resource is your guide to planning dynamic strategic plans and implementing them at your firm. The authors writing style emphasizes practical application of sound planning concepts rather than focusing on a more theoretical approach. You'll find specific suggestions on strategic planning for any size firm, in any practice area. You'll learn about the actual planning process and how to establish goals in key areas such as law firm governance, competition, financial management, technology, marketing and competitive intelligence, client development and retention, and much more. The book provides practical advice on how to implement your strategic plan at the tactical level, as well as how to monitor your progress so the firm remains on track with your vision.

This book will help you:

  • Develop an understanding of how strategic thinking can impact your firm
  • Identify the benefits, and pitfalls, of strategic planning
  • Learn key analytical and conceptual approaches that can expand your understanding of your business
  • Learn the different ways in which vision can be used in the firm
  • Understand how to integrate strategy, tactics, mission statements, and performance
  • Learn to incorporate the vision of all of your 'stakeholders' and to develop ideas for their application in your firm
  • Discover how to evaluate your implemented strategy

In addition to this valuable direction on designing and implementing a meaningful strategy process, each chapter ends with questions designed to test your understanding of the subject matter discussed. Helpful icons placed throughout the book highlight the important points you need to remember. The accompanying CD-ROM also contains numerous policies, statements, and other sample documents you'll find indispensable in formulating your own process and plan.