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Nonlegal Careers for Lawyers (Fifth Edition)

By William D. Henslee, Gary A. Munneke, & Ellen Wayne

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Perhaps you are a law student who realizes that practicing law is not what you want to do. Or maybe you are a practicing lawyer who no longer feels satisfied with your work. If you feel it's time for a change, this newly revised guidebook will show you what you can do with your law degree, besides practice law. More importantly, this book will illustrate how to use your legal skills to rise above the competition.

earn in detail what opportunities exist in these fields:

  • Business and Industry—jobs in corporations; accounting firms; media companies; health care and pharmaceutical companies; engineering firms; real estate sales; high-tech companies; and more.
  • Government and Public Service—positions in the executive, judicial, and legislative branch.
  • Associations and Institutions—careers in professional associations; PACS, lobbying, and campaigns; national and international service organizations; publishing companies; educational institutions; unions; and more.
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures—opportunities for consultants, agents, writers, counselors, investigators, informational technology specialists, and more.

In this guide, the authors lead you step by step through the process of assessing the special skills that legal training provides, choosing a nonlegal career, and conducting a nonlegal job search. In addition, they provide you with essential information about a variety of careers in business and industry, government and public service, associations and institutions, and entrepreneurial ventures.

To help you with the task of locating additional useful information on nonlegal careers, the book also contains a valuable resource section featuring surveys, descriptions of nonlegal careers, and a listing of publishers and publications, as well as suggested readings on nonlegal careers.