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Recruiting Lawyers: How to Hire the Best Talent

By Marcia Pennington Shannon & Susan G. Manch

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The greatest asset to any law firm is its intellectual capital—he lawyers. How can your practice locate and hire exceptional associates in a competitive marketplace? You'll find the answers in Recruiting Lawyers: How to Hire the Best Talent. Recognizing the importance and complexity of lawyer recruitment, authors Shannon and Manch have thoroughly researched law firm hiring practices and its many shifts over the past 30 years. Recruiting Lawyers is the culmination of their efforts and shares practical searching and screening strategies, smart and ethical hiring practices, and constructive ideas that law firms can immediately incorporate into their recruitment procedures. This invaluable resource addresses the myriad needs of a variety of law office environments.

The text includes several timesaving worksheets, checklists, and forms that will help your law firm best determine what types of associates it needs, where to find them, and how to hire them.